Blood Pressure Self Monitoring

If you have diabetes or are taking blood pressure medication...

During this time of isolation we are encouraging patients with diabetes or on blood pressure medication to monitor their own blood pressure. If your average readings are above target then please contact the surgery for a GP or nurse telephone review. Please see the steps below to monitoring your own blood pressure.

Step 1: Buy a BP machine

Please buy a BP machine for the upper arm (not wrist) from your local pharmacist or online.

Please check the BP machine is validated for home use: CLICK HERE TO CHECK

Example online stores:

Step 2: How to measure BP

  • Sit down and make yourself comfortable. BP can be higher if you are anxious or uncomfortable.
  • Put the cuff on following the instructions that came with your monitor.
  • Keep still and do not talk when you are taking the BP reading.

Step 3: When and how often

Take the lowest of 3 readings and compare with your BP target:

  • Diabetes: 135 / 75
  • Age less than 80: 135 / 85
  • Age 80 and above: 145 / 85

If in target, repeat at least every 6 months and please submit your readings here

If above target please see next step

Step 4: What to do if BP above target

If your BP readings are above target, please carefully monitor for 7 days. Take two readings in both the morning and evening over the 7 days. An average is calculated over day 2 to 7 (day 1 readings are not included). Please download a template to print out and record your readings or use your computer (see links and picture below)

BP example